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{Update*} Raees Full Movie Download,MP4,HD,Watch Online | After Jan 17

{Update*} Raees Full Movie Download,MP4,HD,Watch Online | After Jan 17

Waiting for Shah rukh khan Raees Full Movie Download,MP4,HD,Watch Online | After January 25 2017


Raees Full Movie Download,HD,Watch Online Free,MP4 after jan 25 : Hi there if you are looking for
raees full hd movie download of Shah rukh khan raees movie 2017 I think my todays post is only for all of you SRK movie lovers. First of all i would like to say that shah rukh khan confirmed raees release date through his twitter and also indian news site is confirmed. Raees full movie has been shooting is over now it is preparing for raees full movie hindi dubbed and also waiting for coming to raees full movie online and raees movie watch online free to see. After the trailer of Shah Rukh Khan starrer 'Raees full movie' went infectious agent, don Abdul Latif's son Mushtaq sheik has issued a contemporary warning to the manufacturers of the film. He had filed a Rs 100-crore defamation case in Gregorian calendar month. whereas the manufacturers claim that they're performing on "pure fiction", Shaikh says the depiction is lopsided.

Raees Full hd movie download 

Earlier in April, Ahmedabad-based liquor Mafioso, Abdul Latif's son Mushtaq sheik filed a Rs one hundred crore defamation suit within the Gujarat court against the manufacturers of the approaching Shah Rukh Khan-starrer, Raees hindi movie 2017. hard to please a remain the film's release, he alleged that the protagonist's character, contend by SRK, was supported his late father. Although Mushtaq had admitted that the film's team had consulted his family, he alleges that they weren't aware that the don would be represented jointly who ran a brothel and used girls to deliver liquor consignments.

Following the discharge of the film's trailer earlier this month, the filmmakers issued a statement insistence that the adventure story is actually "a pure work of fiction". " raees movie full hd is not supported any person; living or dead... it's an imaginary crime adventure story set against the scene of Gujarat," the statement browse.
Raees full movie download mp4
Raees full movie download mp4 : While the court, citing these assertions, suggested Mushtaq to wait the film's release, the latter is not shopping for into the reassurance. talking to hitlist, he said, "I have watched the film's trailer, and what they (makers) say does not matter. it's clearly supported my father's life. i'll wait until the matter is concerned in court once more once the film's release." The film's producers, stand out recreation, refused to discuss the story, expression they stand by the press statement issued. Mushtaq's lawyer Harsh Gajjar argued that although they haven't filed for interim injunction, they will take action once things ar clearer. "(Latif's) family was approached by the manufacturers in 2014 to reveal details of his look and work. My client's family compound with the knowledge with the religion that it would not be commercialized.

But the depiction appearance lopsided. He [Latif] has been created to appear sort of a gunda. None of the positive work he did, together with winning the elections and serving to individuals, has been highlighted," he said, touching on the Robin Hood-esque stories of him being an outlaw however serving to people realize jobs. Harsh additional, "The facts are manipulated to defame Latif. we are waiting to examine if the family is attributable [for sharing the information]. My shopper should be paid for the harm caused to his family's name."
Mushtaq's personal legal counsel, Ilyas Pathan, said, "Another major bone of rivalry is that the depiction of Latif's wife. No hijab-wearing girl of Daryapuri has ever been caught for being concerned within the liquor business. The native Muslim community has taken offense to the inappropriate depiction and intends to file a petition. Haraam ki cheezein dikha rahe atomic number 67 jo ki sach nahin hai."

Shah Rukh Khan's approaching film 'Raees full movie', that has him taking part in an underworld don, has legal bother looming giant over it. per latest reports, Mushtaq sheik, the son of don Abdul Latif is awaiting the January twenty five release to file a contemporary law suit against the manufacturers for defaming his late father, who he alleges is that the protagonist within the film.
RaeesFull movie watch online free
On April 29, Mushtaq had filed a 100-crore defamation suit within the Gujarat court hard to please a remain the film's release as he alleged that the character contend by Shah Rukh was supported his late father. though he did admit that the film's team had consulted his family in 2014, he states that they weren't aware that the don would be represented as someone who ran a sporting house and somebody who used girls to deliver liquor consignments.

Citing these assertions, the court had suggested Mushtaq to attend for the film's unleash, however the son of the liquor Mafioso is holding his ground as he's convinced that the film relies on his father's life once look the trailer. Mushtaq's lawyer Harsh Gajjar argued that they will take action and file for an interim injunction "once things ar clearer". He declared that once the family was approached to reveal personal details, they did thus with the religion that it would not be commercial. they need conjointly cited that several facts are manipulated to "defame" the don, which none of his positive works that enclosed serving to individuals realize jobs and winning the elections are highlighted.

An inappropriate depiction of Latif's partner contend by Mahira Khan has conjointly raised eyebrows. Mushtaq's personal legal counsel Ilyas Pathan declared that the hijab-wearing girls of Daryapuri have not been caught for being concerned within the liquor business and this deception has displeased the local community. The lawyer declared that his shoppers should be paid for the damages caused to the family's name.

Shah Rukh Khan is of the read that actors ought to respect their audience and not look down upon them. "After operating for thus a few years on film stories, with film individuals (celebrities), people that ar look films matter. As you get up within the morning you must have respect for them (audience) and not look down upon them expression audience ar silly they do not perceive my films, i believe they perceive everything," aforesaid Shah Rukh Khan.

The 51-year-old actor who was gift at an occasion in Bombay on Wed evening additional, "One ought to respect their work. I am shy, i do not have sense of additional confidence, I take facilitate of people who ar backstage. I prepare plenty once I am on stage and that i do not perpetually compass right." 

Raees 2017 Full Movie Download HD DVDRip Free

While Khan managed to make sure his approaching release (directed by Rahul Dholakia and co-produced by Farhan Akhtar-Ritesh Sidhwani's stand out recreation and SRK's banner Red Chillies) wouldn't be opposed by the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena, and its chief raj Thackeray, a replacement court case would possibly gift a hurdle for the maven. According to report printed by middle Day, Mushtaq sheik — the son of Gujarat-based mobster Abdul latif, on whom the character of raees movie download Aslam in SRK's film is allegdly based mostly — has warned the manufacturers of the film that he can approach the courts once the film is free. He had antecedently filed a Rs 100 crore defamation case in April against SRK, Dholakia, and Excel.

Possibly during a bid to avert legal complications, the raees movie watch online free team had issued an announcement informative that the film (and the character of Raees Aslam, as represented by Shah of Iran Rukh Khan) wasn't supported someone, living or dead. "It is an imaginary crime adventure story set against the scene of Gujarat,” the statement browse. The middle Day report states that the court asked Mushtaq to attend till the film's release (before considering action against the raees full movie download mp4 team).

Mushtaq's rivalry was the makers of the film met his family however ne'er told them that Abdul Latif would be shown participating within the flesh trade and mistreatment girls to sell  liquor (Latif rose to prominence as a felon in Gujarat, a 'dry' state) within the film. it had been solely once look the trailers of the film that Latif’s family completed that his image was being tainted, Mushtaq has alleged. Shah Rukh Khan’s raees full hd movie download has found itself in plight once Mushtaq sheik — the son of Abdul Latif, on whom the superstar’s character is reportedly based mostly — has asked for a remain the film’s release.

Sheikh has aforesaid that whereas he and his family were consulted by the raees full hd movie download team whereas the film was being researched, they weren't alert to what the “treatment” would be. sheik contends that his father has been shown during a negative, libellous light-weight within the film and has sued Shah Rukh, producer Farhan Akhtar, director Rahul Dholakia and 4 others for Rs 101 crore in damages. Sheikh’s main purpose of rivalry appears to be that raees 2017 full movie download shows Latif running a brothel and mistreatment girls bootleggers in his business.

Harsh Gajjar, a lawyer for sheik, told The Indian Express: “There were 97 cases lodged against Latif in his life time. These cases were for bootlegging and high offences below TADA, however, at no purpose he ran a sporting house or used girls for delivering liquor. By attributing such false claims within the clip the respondents have defamed the family’s image within the society.”

Who extremely was Abdul Latif?

During the ’80s, Latif ran a flourishing bootlegging business within the Popatiyawad space of Gujarat and rose to become a don. it's aforesaid that he worked in gambling dens, serving liquir, from a awfully young age. this could have had one thing to try and do together with his moving into the bootlegging business later in life. As his profile rose, thus did the size and scope of his smuggled business interests. it's reported  that Latif was concerned in hawala, land deals and contract killings. The charge of receiving black arms in Bharat, through the villages on the western coast of Gujarat, has conjointly been set at his door. He was conjointly aforesaid to be an in depth associate of Dawood patriarch — that led to him being thought-about a major suspect within the 1993 Mumbai blasts.

At a similar time, various stories are in circulation concerning Latif’s altruistic  deeds. Robin Hood-esque anecdotes concerning the don, claim he helped deprived Muslim youth get jobs, and provided the poor with monetary and alternative aid. Latif was killed in an encounter with the police in Naroda Patiya in 1997, allegedly whereas attempting to flee (he had been incarcerated at Sabarmati Jai since 1995). Raees full movie isn't the primary film to be galvanized by the don: Encounter Latif by Sharique Minhaj was free in 2014.

Previously, the manufacturers of Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai… found themselves at the receiving finish of a defamation suit once the kin of pilgrim Mastan — on whom Ajay Devgn’ character within the film was aforesaid to be modelled — took ire at his portrayal. The producers, Balaji Motion footage, were asked by the court to incorporate a disclaimer within the film stating that it had been not supported pilgrim Mastan’s life.
Watch the Raees Movie trailer here:

Kaabil vs Raees clash simply got murkier! All because of Aamir Khan’s Dangal full movie!
Hrithik Roshan and Yami Gautam statter Kaabil and Shah Rukh Khan and Mahira Khan starrer Raees movie songs  is about to clash at the box office on January 25, 2017. the large films ar 2 of the foremost expected releases of the year. whereas it'll see each the lead stars in numerous avatars and each the films will boast of hot item numbers by Sunny leone and Urvashi Rautela, fans ar still thirstily trying to envision that film beats the opposite.

The clash intense once following Kaabil’s shift in release date, the manufacturers of Raees movie 2017 conjointly followed suit and shifted the initiate January 26th2017 to January 25th 2017.

Post this development, Kaabil producer Rakesh Roshan expressed his anger and disappointment with the raees producers and Shah Rukh Khan for being thus unskilled. However, Raees camp maintained that they'd already taken this call to pre-pone the film abundant before Kaabil created the announcement. it had been solely a case of who proclaimed it initial.
Kaabil vs Raees are compared to each} alternative on every front since then. Kaabil got a lift once Aamir Khan taciturnly extended his support to the film by attaching it’s trailer to his film Dangal that free these days (December 23, 2017).

And now, the
Kaabil vs Raees clash has simply got murkier! begetter Roshan, who appears to own seen Dangal last night, is in awe of the Aamir Khan film. In his tweet, he posted, “Aamir (Khan) taciturnly Dangal sent ‘Mein aagaya hoon’ approval to u & your team.(sic)”

Now, we tend to ar certain you bear in mind that Raees Shah Rukh Khan in his film’s trailer has been mistreatment the road, “Aaa Raha Hoon”. Even all the promotions of the posters, trailers, songs etc followed a similar with hashtags like #RaeesAaRahaHai and #LailaAaRaheeHai. currently together with his tweet, we surprise if Rakesh Roshan is making an attempt to inform Shah Rukh Khan that his film raees full movie download 3gp won't be ready to beat Aamir Khan’s
Dangal movie download. Also, Hrithik Roshan in his trailer of Kaabil, is seen expression ,”Aayega na, darega toh nahin”. (ALSO READ: Salman Khan is that the new man Congeniality of Bollywood! once promoting Shah of Iran Rukh Khan, he's all praises for Aamir Khan’s Dangal!)

We love however there's a war of words happening within the screenland. whereas some might lose and a few might win, it's a complete win-win state of affairs for the audience who can get to browse some fascinating reports and see some sensible cinema!
The troubled journey of Shah Rukh Khan's Abdul Latif-inspired heroic tale
Ever since Shah Rukh Khan unveiled  the
Raees First look — together with his character's punchline "Baniye Ka dimaag aur miyanbhai ki daring" — the Rahul Dholakia directed film has been drummed up plenty of curiosity among fans. Raees movie official trailer— a co-production of Shah Rukh's own Red Chillies and Farhan Akhtar-Ritesh Sidhwani's stand out recreation — hasn't had a sleek going.
First, its original unleash date — Eid 2016 — had to be put aside, to avoid a clash with Salman Khan's sultan. Then, the new date chosen for
Raees release date — Republic Day 2017 — was found to be in direct conflict with Hrithik Roshan's Kaabil. Even as these problems weighed Raees down, an even bigger storm was production.

As anti-Pakistan sentiment simmered in Bharat once the Uri attacks in Sep that left many of our military personnel dead, there have been calls to boycott all artistes from across the border. Raees movie in hd hindi was among the films affected very arduous (the alternative film was Karan Johar's Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, that had a anaglyph by Fawad Khan) because it marked the Bollywood debut of Pakistani role player Mahira Khan. The storm has currently settled, and despite calls to switch Mahira, she still continues to be Shah of Iran Rukh's love interest within the film (although reports say her role has so been cut significantly, so as to avoid backlash).

Raees movie trailer download itself has been extremely anticipated — at the start it had been believed that it might release on Shah Rukh Khan's 51st birthday in November; then reports declared it might be connected to Hindu deity Shinde's dear Zindagi. Neither of those eventualities contend out — instead, the manufacturers proclaimed a seven December unleash date. To mark the occasion, SRK conjointly unveiled  a replacement poster for the film. When Maneesh Sharma delineate Gaurav Chandna being given a box of sweets by his folks, to gift to the maven Aryan Khanna in Fan — it's later crushed by the edge by the mob hue and cry for Khanna’s attention — very little did the director grasp that he was kicking a hornet’s nest.
Raeesfull movie download MP4
For the sweet store — Ghantewala — whose disapproval was delineate on the box, has currently taken the film producer further as producer Hindu deity Chopra of Yash rule Films and maven Shah Rukh Khan to task, suing them for mistreatment the store’s name while not seeking permission. Catch News reported  that Sushant Jain, this owner of Ghantewala, sent a legal notice to the Fan team, stating that mistreatment the Ghantewala name within the film amounts to infringement of trademark. additionally, the notice says “(by) such an act of deliberate infringement, you're trying to misrepresent and deceive the general public at giant into basic cognitive process that your film enjoys the patronage, support and endorsement of our shoppers, and/or that such use as is delineate higher than in your aforesaid film is below license from our shopper, that facts ar neither true nor correct. In fact, it's our shopper's would like that our client doesn't wish to own any association with you, your film and/or its resulting success or failure".

An Economic Times report aforesaid that the Ghantewala sweet frequent Chandni Chowk had been “sating the sweet cravings of Dilliwalas ever since the feckless Shah Alam II ascended the Mughal throne”. However, the look felled  its shutters last year. Shah Rukh is additionally facing another legal suit for his forthcoming film Raees. Mushtaq sheik, the son of Abdul Latif on whom
Raees movie relies, has sued the film's team for defamation.
Raees vs Kaabil : Hrithik Roshan finally breaks silence on incompatible with Shahrukh Khan
Kaabil and Raees were cellular against one another ever since their unleash dates were initial proclaimed. whereas Shahrukh Khan’s Raees trailer blew up the net, Hrithik Roshan and Yami Gautam are doing a good job of steady winning over viewers with their sweet story. Now, for the primary time, the Mohenjodaro star has talked concerning going head to go with King Khan at the box office, per a report in India TV News. Hrithik aforesaid, “It isn't our job to envision what someone else is doing. we've got to target what we've got in our hand and leave the remainder to the audience. it's unfortunate and shouldn’t have happened.” He any additional that Shahrukh’s move to Raees release date is on January 25 wasn’t unethical since the date didn’t belong to 1 specific party and he even went on to would like SRK the most effective.

Hrithik has positively taken the additional mature route, compared to father Rakesh Roshan. once the Raees trailer download initial came out and proclaimed its unleash date, Rakesh had gone on a philippic, saying, “Whatever dates we tend to ar taking, they're following U.S.. i might have not done a similar. I belong to an old-fashioned of filmmaking and that i have given fifty years of my life to the trade. i might ne'er unleash my film on daily once another film producer has already proclaimed their film. i made a decision to get rid of Krrish four conjointly from Christmas 2018 as a result of I saw SRK’s film is returning that day. I might have simply free my film with Befikre or maybe with Dangal if I had to clash. however once I proclaimed the film in February, I saw a clean window in January and thus I picked the date. I can’t get into this new groove of things as a result of I don’t realize it.”

Raees movie trailer/teaser Download

The trailer of Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Raees’ free recently and went on to interrupt various records in terms of the amount of hits it garnered on social media. the primary song 'Laila O Laila’ that includes Sunny leone has additional to the excitement related to the film. However, there appears to be some bother for the manufacturers of the film. various reports of Shah Rukh’s character within the film being supported late Gujarat-based liquor mafia 'don' Abdul Latif had been doing the rounds, however the manufacturers had processed that they weren’t true. however Latif’s son Mustaq Shaikh believed that the portrayal was lopsided and had lodged a defamation suit value Rs. 100 crores in April against the manufacturers within the Gujarat court hard to please a remain the film.

The court had directed Shaikh to look at the film before returning to a conclusion and he's currently set to require action at law against the film once the discharge of the film. "I have watched the film's trailer, and what they (makers) say does not matter. it's clearly supported my father's life. i'll wait until the matter is concerned in court once more once the film's unleash," Shaikh told mid-day. Shaikh’s legal team says that the manufacturers had approached him concerning the main points of his late father however ar not happy with the depiction as they feel that have created Latif seem like a goon and thence it's extremely libellous.

Mushtaq's professional person Harsh Gajjarsaid,  "(Latif's) family was approached by the manufacturers in 2014 to reveal details of his look and work. My client's family compound with the knowledge with the religion that it would not be commercialized. But the depiction appearance lopsided. He [Latif] has been created to appear sort of a gunda. None of the positive work he did, together with winning the elections and serving to individuals, has been highlighted." The facts are manipulated to slander Latif. we ar waiting to examine if the family is attributable [for sharing the information]. My shopper should be paid for the harm caused to his family's name." Mushtaq's personal legal counsel, Ilyas Pathan, said, "Another major bone of rivalry is that the depiction of Latif's adult female. No hijab-wearing girl of Daryapuri has ever been caught for being concerned within the liquor business. The native Muslim community has taken offense to the inappropriate depiction and intends to file a petition. Haraam ki cheezein dikha rahe ho jo ki sach nahin hai."
‘Raees’ conjointly stars Mahira Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui among others.

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Dangal Movie Download | Dangal Full Movie 2016 Dubbing News

Dangal Movie Download | Dangal Full Movie 2016 Dubbing News


Imagine Aamir Khan’s dubbed Tamil version of Dangal having Rajinikanth’s booming voice leading the charge for Aamir’s character. Well for film aficionados that may keep strictly within the realms of imagination currently. Aamir and Rajini tried their best to collaborate however sadly things weren't meant to happen.

Speaking to Indian, Aamir said, “Dangal is being dubbed in Tamil and Telugu. I did approach Rajini sir and he preferred the film. when discussing with him each he and that i felt that his voice is simply too placeable. he's thus in style that his voice won’t suit my face. we tend to each felt that. however he preferred the film. He was terribly encouraging.”

While Aamir rued the uncomprehensible chance now around, the actor is hopeful that he can get an opportunity to collaborate with the legend in future. “I would like to work with him. i'm a giant fan.”

Aamir conjointly hopes Rajini can come to Hindi cinema in the future. “Whatever film Rajini sir will, we tend to do watch it's it Tamil or otherwise. automaton two is returning currently which can be dubbed in Hindi i think. I hope he returns to Hindi cinema in the future.” So far Shah khan also feeling hasty with his raees full movie . For the instant, no in style actor are going to be soundtrack the Tamil and Telugu versions of Dangal, confirmed Aamir. The actor who is presently busy promoting his film conjointly disclosed that he would be visiting a renowned akhada in Kolhapur wherever he has been specially invited by wrestlers for a meet-and-greet session. “Kolhapur is legendary for wrestling and this akhada that i'll be visiting could be a famous one. i'm excited concerning it, “said Aamir.

Raees full movie News : Shia takes action to Shah Rukh Khan ’Raees’

Raees full movie News : Shia takes action to Shah Rukh Khan ’Raees’


Seems like there has been ne'er ending hassle for Shah Rukh Khans Raees movie. once MNS protestant against Pakistani actors operating in Indian movie industry, Raees is facing another hurdle in its release.

Members of Shia community in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, have found a scene from Shah Rukh Khan's Raees offending  and have set to boycott the film. The representatives of the community have written a letter to the Censor Board of Film Certification (CBFC) stern the exclusion of the scene during which the actor is seen jumping over a non secular structure, Hindustan Times according.

Dailymail quoted Shia cleric from Lucknow, Maulana Syed Kalbe Jawad Naqvi, as saying, "Mr Khan ought to apprehend that such non secular rituals ar followed by Shias to commemorate the martyrdom of imam Hussain. we've got union a huge protest during this regard. I hope applicable action would be taken". more read raees movie download .

Raees came vulnerable from the MNS earlier because of the casting of Pakistani actor Mahira Khan. SRK additionally had to fly to city with Mahira to film a final song sequence for the film, because the actor wasn't allowed back within the country. The matter was solely resolved once sovereign Rukh Khan ensure MNS chief dominion author that Mahira wouldnt return to India to push the film. for your kind information Amir khan also comming his this year movie dangal as he acted in dangal full movie as a wrestler father.

The film is scheduled  to release on January twenty five, 2017.

Shivaay Movie : All About From Ajay Devgn

Shivaay Movie : All About From Ajay Devgn

Actor Ajay Devgn who is power train up for the release of his long-awaited directorial venture 'Shivaay Movie' has been going all out concerning promoting it.

In a Facebook live chat with Times of India entertainment Editor - on-line, Rohit Khilnani, the actor opened concerning his inspiration for the film, his thought on the recent arguing concerning Pakistani artists and therefore the recently released trailer of 'Dangal Movie'.

Watch Ajay Special Comments about Shivaay Movie

Speaking concerning the film, Ajay said,
"Shivaay is associate emotional film concerning the connection between a parent and kid and the way they react in things. It explores the extent to that a parent will go for his kid."

Raees Movie Box Office Collection [Prediction]

Raees Movie Box Office Collection [Prediction]

Raees Movie Star Casting, Review & Box Office Collection Prediction ShahRukh Khan :– Rahul Dholakia’s big venture together with Bollywood guide star along with acting california king Shah Rukh Khan & Farhan Akhtar along with company service involving Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Mahira Khan, this lovely brand-new Bollywood encounter playing your guide role within the movie as Khan’s partner.

Raees Movie Star Casting 

movie long gone common previous to the item discharge as their this Trending along with Major finances film through Bollywood Badshaah SRK. movie critics start couples concerning the movie previous to it is established relieve. Chek away some underneath Raees box office predictions. 

Raees Movie Star Casting, Review & Box Office Collection Prediction

Raees movie Review Rationg and also box office predictions : - Raees movie account is around the actual Policeman along with Bootlegger naming Farhan as well as SRK respectively. Both equally stars are already paired before with DON however this time this film planning to attain the brand new indicate because equally likely to discuss this monitor in concert. Raees is the Bollywood Big finances film from the yr Producer along with directors count on fantastic enterprise in box office with the Hit film Raees. After the Chennai Convey Shah rukh Khan back again to complete activity thriller theatre film using brand new Bollywood experience, The Pakistani lady Mahira Khan. movie is usually created by Farhan Akhtar in addition to Ritesh Sidhwani.

Raees Box Office Collection Prediction ShahRukh Khan

Earlier box office information in addition to predictions in movie raees conveys to which the film would likely get to fresh indicate as well as produce the new document by film good results. Both stars Farhan as well as SRK offering brilliant films from the Bollywood plus they are king for you to entice this huge viewers through single relieve independently although this time both equally ones likely to boom together with Rahul Dholakia’s Raees. See more descriptive Wiki and Story with regards to Raees film.

Raees box office collection predictions :

As per the movie critics tells as well as gossips worldwide it would achieve the subsequent achievement signifies at box office. Verify a few gambling in Raees box office prediction
  • Raees first day box office collection predictions – 29 crore (Expected)
  • Raees Minute day box office collection predictions – 34 crores (Expected)
  • Raees Third day box office collection predictions – 46 crores (Expected)
  • Raees weekend box office collection predictions – 134 crores (Expected)
As per the Raees first box office assumptions movie can be fantastic plenty of to offer the 100 crore club in a mere 3 days simply by following the first weekend break revenue. movie planning to relieve globally thus. It could offer considerably effective box office final results on revenue. Good movie reviews with first day the item likely to rate of growth your movie with subsequent days.
How you will fellas foresee the actual film Raees box office collections or even movie critics gossips reviews.

Raees Movie | Shah Rukh Khan's Upcoming Movie Raees

Raees Movie | Shah Rukh Khan's Upcoming Movie Raees

Raees-Movie-first- look

Shah Rukh Khan's Upcoming Movie Raees

Raees is the upcoming movie of actor Shahruk Khan. Shooting of this movie is already ended and the looks of this movies has been leaked. The raees movie release date is final, but it is expected on January 26, 2017.
Shahrukh Khan shared several tweets regarding this movie. Firstly, he tweeted about the start of the Raees Movie Shooting. You can see all the tweets of him, for the movie RAEES.

It's been 6 crazy days of #Raees shoot. The warm ups are over, time for major league action to begin... Soon.
— rahul dholakia (@rahuldholakia) April 15, 2015
So what all these tweets says is, Shahrukh Khan is very happy with this movie and excited too. This will be the another super duper hit movie of the Shahrukh Khan. As you know, the actors like Salman, Shahrukh and Amir makes the single movie in the whole year, and makes a blast in the box office.

The box office collection of Raees will also makes a BOOM! Raees Box Office Prediction is 400+ crores. Or maybe it will create a new box office record, which we can't expect it.

This movie is directed by the Rahul Dholakia and Produced by Farhan Akhtar, Ritesh Sidhwani and Gauri Khan. Shah Rukh Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui will be having a lead role in this film. So, there will be fun watching this movie. Many fans are already excited to watch this movie.

Raees movie trailer is not yet released officially, also the trailer release date is not declared by officials. We have to wait till the any news are out. Firstly everyone is waiting for the movie trailer. Soon the trailer will be out and it is expected that the first look will be out in June, 2015.

If you like the post and found it helpful, so must do share with your friends. Stay tuned for more updates!