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Want To Be The Next American Idol?

Trying out for the next position of the next American Idol? Hence in order to become a star, there are undeniable traits that you must hold. Investigating the past seasons and shows, when there was only three judges even with the add-on of the fourth judge who isn't involved in the music industry at all, there are guaranteed trends that the judges mention constantly that would help you prepare. Let me explain how:


Being able to play an instrument is a new thing that they have introduced to the show, starting about three years ago. If you can't, don't be discouraged and try to go out and learn one, simply familiarize yourself with music and what you can do to songs to improve them in your favor. If you can play an instrument, make it known, make sure you can play it well, and broadcast your talent. Being musically inclined plays a large factor in this show now. Strum that guitar, tickle those ivories, or make sure you know your music. It could be a deciding factor...


Having the talent to sing is a reason why the show is in existence. You have to be able to carry a tune and that doesn't mean that you can tell yourself you can sing. Asking family and friends will work but remember they don't want to hurt your feelings so they may end up lying to you. Relying on strangers will get you an honest answer to your true ability without considering your feelings. In the end, you must have a singing ability.

Stage Presence

Before stepping out in front of an audience, good stage presence is key. In time, you can grasp the attention of the audience but just fascinate them long enough to keep them interested. Stage fright happens to many people but those that enjoy the attention and have big personas tend to enjoy the lime-light. It can be challenging to find what it takes to perform well with a shining personality. Once you figure it out, the audience's attention will soon follow.

Accepting Criticism

While on live television, you have to be critiqued and be able to handle the news well. Many of the people catch attitudes when someone insults them or they could take the opposite road and start crying. A person must be able to take the judges' comments and get better, are huge parts of the show. America may get to see you have your feelings hurt, can you take it?

Marketability and Adaptability

Being stunning is not the only thing that you need, you also need to be marketable. Always look the best you can but if you are already striking then this is right up your alley. Being attractive to America gets you far in the competition no matter what is said. Your personality, talent, and looks all are factors in this, but not in that order. You must be adaptable by jumping genres and sticking to who you are. Put a flare to any song that you sing in any genre is being adaptable. For instance, if you are a Country singer and it's R & B week, then sing "I Will Always Love You" which has been sung by country and R & B artists alike. Choose songs that have already crossed genres and are sung by people that sing like you. Why make things more difficult than they have to be? You must be genial is the easiest way to say this. For you want to go far, then the viewers must like you. Remember votes are what you need.


You need to be unique. Something about you needs to read as only you, rather than everybody else. It could be in your personality, your abilities, or you back story. The best thing would be to try to let it pertain to all three. Have a memorable personality, be extremely talented, and make your upbringing and family interesting and you have something that could be grand.

If you want to be the next American Idol, these traits will help. They will help you stay in the competition longer. Bear in mind, the list can grow as the show evolves and the judges change, but these are the most common traits to get you on your way to becoming the next American Idol.


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